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Zemfira posted Aug 19, 12

akrus nice to see you havent changed rix
Rixuraxu a You were demoted when you disappeared for few days without saying anything and missed first 3 raids, bu I would have pro...
akrus and of course you will delete this post since someone disagrees with you

So Soon!

Zemfira posted Jul 25, 12

LeapingSheep CE around 100euro!

8/8 :)

Zemfira posted Jul 22, 12
Polm nice
Rixuraxu a Pretty font I approve.

A Day to remember:)

Zemfira posted May 21, 12

Zemfira I actually did call for a raid roll before my roll, I really didnt think I'll beat your roll;p
Polm raidroll ftw !!!

Rixuraxu a I'm sowi Zem =( Maybe if you didn't play a girls class you would have more luck XP


Zemfira posted May 7, 12

Thalase gzz
akrus get ur ass back!
Bananaman Nice one lads! and ladettes!

New team, new start;)

Zemfira posted Apr 30, 12